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    We are united to keep our schools focused on academic achievement. We reject political activism and moralizing intrusions in the classroom.
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We are Westport residents of all backgrounds and persuasions standing up to false narratives and political agendas that will harm our schools.

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About Westport Parents 06880

W e began as a group of 37 Westport Parents that first got together in June 2021 to share our concerns about the increasing focus on assertions of racism in our community, especially after our new Superintendent of Schools made these assertions in his Strategic Plan.

The Superintendent in his proposed strategic Plan of June 2020 had asserted that institutional and systemic racism are a significant problem in Westport, and that an Equity Audit was necessary to determine the level of racism as well as to propose remedial measures going forward. Based on this assertion, he hired the NYU Metro Center to do the assessment.

We were alarmed by the ideology and methodology of the Metro Center, which we could access on its website, and which was clearly based in Critical Race Theory. Those of us who were familiar with CRT know it to be a Marxist based ideology that seeks to divide people by separating them into groups based on power dynamics, with white people seen as white supremacist being dominant and all others being the marginalized groups of oppressed victims. This oppressor vs oppressed division into identity groups would necessarily create division and be harmful to our school aged children.

Quotes from Westport parents

We can pursue equality of opportunity without seeking to mandate equality of outcome — which is apparently what the NYU Metro Center and the DEI Committee mean when they repeatedly refer to the concept of “equity”.

30-year Westport Resident

A shift away from a commitment to equal opportunities for all to a race based policy cloaked in the language of anti-racism is in itself profoundly racist and should not be tolerated in our community.

Staples Mom

My kids were taught to be proud of who they are and accept others for who they are. Stop NYU Metro from flipping this on its head, and projecting their personal prejudices onto our children.

SES Father

My wife and I believe that some things are best taught at home and in our church. We want the schools to focus on the academic skills necessary for our children to succeed in a global economy. Equal OPPORTUNITY for all, not equal OUTCOMES!

LLS Father

CRT's emphasis on racism is damaging to the community and does not help or empower marginalized individuals. It tends to increase discord and destroys the sense of belonging to a community.

POC, immigrant, father

I started reading Reed Swier’s blog and tweets, and my jaw hit the floor. He’s a man on a political mission, and clearly not focused on what’s best for our community. Who vetted this guy?

Coleytown Elementary Father

I’m very concerned what the equity study means for our SPED programs. The people from NYU expressed a lot of criticism in meetings with parents as far as how resources are allocated. Everything is racial to them. My child relies on these services.

Concerned Westport Mom

CRT, DEI, or whatever expression-of-the-day it hides behind is the personal prejudices of a few, projected onto the rest of us. Let's keep this toxic doctrine where it belongs: far away from our children and schools.

SES Parent

I send my kids to school to learn how to read and write, add and subtract. They are not there to be guinea pigs in some “anti-capitalist” sociology experiment.

Staples Mom

Every minute of the day a teacher, administrator or Board of Ed member is focusing on “critical whiteness” is a minute they are not focusing on really educating our kids.

Mother of Two GFS students

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