What is Critical Race Theory?

Critical race theory began as an academic ideology that claims that the United States was founded on racism, oppression, and white supremacy — it perpetuates itself by claiming that these forces still permeate every aspect of our society and that anyone who dares to disagree is merely part of the problem.

Our Mission against CRT in Classrooms
  • To reveal the intellectual shortcomings of CRT as a philosophical approach; its reliance on circular reasoning; its lack of empirical support.
  • To demonstrate instances of the CRT mindset reshaping our community and make the community aware of the people driving these changes.
  • To keep track of the “equity study” and expose the NYU Metro Center, using their own published materials, for what it truly is: a CRT advocacy group whose objective is to change our schools, and all schools, to align with CRT goals.
  • To provide resources that illuminate the true nature of CRT as an academic and political movement; its connections to Marxism, past and present; and the full scope of its practitioners’ agenda.
  • To introduce you to the individuals behind the “equity study” who will be driving the transformation of Westport schools as they have expressed themselves on social media.
  • To arm Westport parents with strong counter-arguments when CRT apologists try to bully CRT critics with insinuations of racism.
Articles & Resources