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Subject: We must immediately end our school district’s relationship with NYU

Dear Westport community leader,

I am writing to express my strong objection to our school system’s ongoing relationship with the NYU Metro Center (“NYUMC”) in connection with the equity study.

NYUMC is clearly an activist organization with a very specific political agenda based on the principles of Critical Race Theory (“CRT”). Any recommendations, advice, data or analysis derived from the work performed by this group are tainted by political ideology, cannot be relied upon and must not be incorporated into our strategic planning. This work should terminate immediately and should have no further influence on how our schools are run.

Given CRT’s growing impact on educational activities around the country, I further demand as a taxpayer that Westport schools do not engage in any additional activities or adopt any policies or practices that emanate from a CRT-based perspective.

While I find CRT as an ideological movement particularly reprehensible, I urge you to recognize that political activism and indoctrination of any kind should be steadfastly avoided within our schools.

Subject: Statement affirming that Westport is a non-racist town

Dear RTM members,

I am writing to support the adoption of a proposal that clarifies for the public that Westport is a diverse and welcoming town.

In early 2021, the Westport Public Schools authorized the NYU Metro Center, an activist organization committed to confronting “anti-Black racism and white supremacy,” among other things, to conduct an equity study within our schools. This has created the false and damaging impression that our school system and our Town as a whole are systemically racist.

While isolated incidents of racism and intolerance have occurred in Westport, I believe Westport is a warm and tolerant community populated by individuals of diverse backgrounds, nationalities and orientations. I encourage RTM members to draft and approve a statement affirming the Town’s non-racist character.

Subject: Parent Access to Centralized System for Current Curriculum

Dear Westport BOE, Superintendent Scarice, Asst Superintendent Buono and PTA Council,

As a parent of a child(ren) in the Westport School District, I request that the curriculum for each class, as well as all class worksheets and handouts for the class, be made available either:

  1. online, on the district website, or
  2. in a room set aside for such purpose at each school,

so that parents may review the same at will and at reasonable times. These materials should be updated daily by the teachers, as necessary in order that they be current, i.e. curriculum changes and additional handouts and worksheets updated daily, as changes and additions occur.

By creating a central system, whether online or in the physical location of the school, the teacher will be spared the effort of responding to each parent’s individual request, and the school will be responsible for requiring the teachers to comply with the parent request.

By providing this service, parents may reasonably be held responsible for knowing what is being taught in the schools and schools will have met their obligation to inform the parents.

The Foundation Against Intolerance and Racism (FAIR) is a nonpartisan organization dedicated to advancing civil rights and liberties for all Americans, and promoting a common culture based on fairness, understanding and humanity.

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