Until now, our schools promised to support critical thinking by “engaging students in multiple perspectives.” (Westport 2025)

But today, the Metro Center’s Equity Study and their selected Stakeholder participants all share one pro-CRT perspective — that of identity groups, power structures and oppression. Alternative views are unwelcome if not actively suppressed.

Beware of the coming indoctrination and censorship!

Our Mission against Censorship

  • To provide a platform for Westport parents — who take issue with CRT but fear they will be punished professionally if they speak out, given the cancel culture and the harsh reality of identity politics.
  • To provide a voice to parents who object to the rapidly growing influence of the CRT mindset on every aspect of how our children will be educated.
  • To offer an alternative approach to the vexing questions of race and identity in America; one that chooses freedom of thought over indoctrination, equality over equity, individuality over tribalism, optimism over cynicism, fair-mindedness over dogma, who we are over how we look.
  • To unite traditional American liberals and Democrats with traditional American conservatives and Republicans against the rising power of progressive ideologues.
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